PaperCut Printing Solution

Streamline Printing and Cost Management

As authorized resellers of PaperCut, we’re thrilled to bring you the power and convenience of their cutting-edge printing management solutions. With PaperCut, you can optimize your print environment, reduce costs, and enhance security. Explore the key features of PaperCut that can transform your printing infrastructure:

Print Management

Gain complete control over your organization’s printing activities. PaperCut provides advanced print management tools, allowing you to monitor usage, set print quotas, and implement rules to encourage responsible printing behavior.

Mobile Printing

Embrace the convenience of mobile printing. PaperCut allows users to print securely from their mobile devices, ensuring a seamless printing experience while on the go. Empower your workforce with the flexibility to print from anywhere within your organization.

Cost Allocation

Take control of printing expenses and allocate costs accurately. PaperCut enables you to track and allocate costs to specific users, departments, or client projects. Gain insights into printing costs and make informed decisions to optimize your printing budget.

Rules-Based Printing

Implement printing policies and rules to align with your organization’s requirements. PaperCut enables you to define rules such as duplex printing by default or color printing restrictions, helping you reduce waste and promote sustainable printing practices.

Secure Printing

Safeguard your sensitive documents and protect confidential information. PaperCut offers secure printing options like pull printing, which ensures that print jobs are released only when the user authenticates at the printer, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your printing environment with PaperCut’s robust reporting and analytics tools. Monitor print volumes, track trends, and identify opportunities for optimization. Make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Benfits and value Proposition

  • Cost Savings: Reduce printing costs significantly by implementing print quotas, tracking usage, and identifying areas of waste.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect sensitive documents with secure print release and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.
  • Increased Efficiency: Streamline print processes, reduce print-related downtime, and improve overall productivity.
  • Sustainability: Promote environmentally friendly practices by monitoring and minimizing print waste.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Empower users to print conveniently from any device or location, supporting modern work styles.

Tony Loffredo, Assistant Director, Academic Technology Systems, University Library

Overall, it is one of the
nicer pieces of software
to administrate.

Stéphanie Bertina Minel, Director, Les Deux Hémisphères

An agnostic approach coupled with simplicity (enablement & use) is a must. The term agnostic fully resonates with us.

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