Are you considering migrating your Zoho Creator application to a new account? Whether you’re restructuring your organization or upgrading your account, transferring your application is a vital process. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you seamlessly migrate your Zoho Creator application while optimizing for search engines.

Access Your Zoho Creator Dashboard:

Start by logging into your Zoho Creator account and going to your dashboard. This is where you see all your apps.

Select the App for Migration:

Find the app you want to move and click on it.

Access Application IDE:

Go to the “More” option in the app settings and pick “Settings” to access the Application IDE.

Migrate Zoho Creator Application

Export Your Application:

Click on “Export” in the top right corner of the Application IDE. Your app will be saved as a file with a .ds ending.

Migrate Zoho Creator Application

Log in to Your New Account:

Sign in to your new Zoho Creator account.

Access Zoho Creator Dashboard in the New Account:

Once logged in, go to the dashboard in your new account.

Create Solution:

Click on “Create Solution” to start bringing in your app.

Migrate Zoho Creator Application

Select Import from File:

Choose “Import from File” and then pick your app file.

Migrate Zoho Creator Application

Upload Your Application File:

Click “Local Storage” and upload your app file.

Migrate Zoho Creator Application

Save Script:

Check the code and settings, then hit “Save Script” to bring your app into your new account.

Migrate Zoho Creator Application


Great job! Your Zoho Creator app has been moved to your new account. Now you can manage it from your new dashboard.

By following these optimized steps, you can efficiently transfer your Zoho Creator application to a new account, ensuring a smooth transition and continued operational efficiency.