What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a low-code application-building forum that allows you to design, develop and execute any business software you need.

How to access the Zoho Creator app on the internet?

The Zoho creator mobile version lets you access all your applications developed in Zoho creator and those shared with you from your mobile browser. You can access your Zoho Creator Forms from your phone and submit and view the data. You cannot rework the applications from your phone. The Zoho Creator app for Android delivers mobile access to all your Zoho Creator apps.

Let’s get into the details below:

The app is open for download from the Google Play Store. Determinate the information you need the app to handle. For instance, for a Marketing app, you can manage the information into two comprehensive sections – Product and Sales. In Creator, these varieties become the Form of your application. The Create application option lets you build a fresh application from scratch or install ready-made applications.

The Import data option lets you build an application by resettling your existing data to Creator. You can select an appropriate option based on your company’s needs. 

Forms gather user data and store it in the database and Reports to view filter, and search the data gathered through Forms. You can add fields to your Form and mix them via a straightforward drag-and-drop function. Select a field type based on the kind of data it should possess. By default, Creator sustains validation for a fair number of field types.

For instance, specify the Email field type if you need users to enter their email addresses in a particular field. Creator reviews if that field’s data in the Form is a valid email address. Otherwise, it will show an error message to the user. 

Additional Features You Will Love – Zoho Creator

One of the most compelling features of Creator is the ability to build pages. The page feature lets you create custom reports by combining HTML code and Deluge scripting.

You can build a static HTML page as a report and utilize this page to provide dynamic content from your database utilizing Deluge Script. The HTML Builder delivers an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface to create the needed pages efficiently. No knowledge of HTML is needed. 

The Customise option presents a variety of layouts and themes to customize the appearance of your forms and views. Layouts and themes can be merged to build a visually appealing website. Shared users of a private application or users of a general application will be able to add, edit or delete records in a Report only if the application owner gives them access permission.

Zoho Migration Tool for MS Access and Excel is a straightforward tool that you can use to upload your current MS Access applications or XL spreadsheets to Creator. This enables you to save data entered into any record field in any table in Creator.

After making changes to an application as an administrator, notice how it looks to users who access it. Users can add, Edit, or Delete records in a report only if the application owner gives them access permission. Each table, with relationships intact, will be imported into Creator as an Application or a Report. 

The Creator marketplace offers the most extensive repository of enterprise applications for your daily enterprise needs. Before developing an application via Zoho Creator, knowing what you need to do with your application is essential.