Zoho Contracts

Zoho Contracts is a comprehensive contract management software that allows you to streamline the contract lifecycle, improve compliance, mitigate business risks, and glean strategic insights.

Why modern businesses need contract management software

Today’s industry geography is more dynamic than ever: international supply chains are more complex, regulatory standards are more complex, and sales models are more diverse. 

There are raised demand for a rich contract management system that enables you to stay agile in these explosive business environments. Robust CLM systems also empower you with strategic insights to stay ahead of competitors.

Zoho Contracts enhances the efficiency of your legal processes and holistically manages contract management to encourage better business outcomes. Its straightforward design, sophisticated features, and flexibility to scale make it an effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

ZOHO CONTRACTS – Simple yet Comprehensive

Contract authoring

Made more comfortable than ever

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  • Predefined templates for typically used contracts and the ability to build custom templates.
  • Contract design wizard to develop contracts in a moment.
  • Built-in document editor with state-of-the-art document assembly capabilities and all the features of a powerful word processor, Zoho Writer.
  • Intuitive collaboration via features like track changes and comments.

Turnaround time

From weeks to days

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  • No need to transmit document attachments back and forth for negotiation. Supply controlled access to counterparty contacts through password-protected links.
  • Effortlessly entertain in multiple rounds of negotiation with redlining, contextual comments, and performance control features.
  • Get legally binding signatures in minutes with Zoho Sign, Zoho’s e-signature software, created into your Zoho Contracts account.

Mitigating contract risks

With the cutting-edge obligation management

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  • The contextual obligations module within each contract guarantees that all contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  • Track and meet obligations by entrusting tasks to their respective business owners.
  • Count action items as one-time or routine tasks, and always complete obligations with reminders.

Holistic lifecycle management

With finely composed individual parts

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  • Import contacts in the draft signed or expired states and manage them from Zoho Contracts.
  • Design your approval workflows, both sequential and parallel.
  • Leverage the strength of analytics to derive helpful insights from contract data.
  • Amend, renew, expand, or remove a contract with letter templates, which capture the contract history and automatically determine and display the recent changes, decreasing the need for human intervention and controlling manual errors.

Enterprise-grade Features

Central repository

Failing contracts is a thing of the past. Safely keep all contracts across your business in a single central repository with search and filter options that allow better accessibility.

Audit trail

Stay on top of all user movements in your contract lifecycle management system. Sounder visibility into enterprise-wide activity allows you to create processes that enforce compliance.

Access control

Hold better control over the data in your contract management software using predefined User Roles and appropriate access permissions.

Proven security

Data security and privacy are essential components of contract management solutions. Zoho Contracts store client data in private data centers, and each data interaction is fully encrypted.