Zoho DataPrep

Zoho DataPrep is a Data preparation tool that allows connecting, exploring, transforming, and enriching data for analytics, machine learning, Migration, and data storing.

Zoho DataPrep

Source: Zoho

Features: Discover errors and prepare data faster with Zoho DataPrep

Prepare data from multiple sources

Connect to various sources such as files, feeds, databases, data repositories, REST APIs, and more. Also, utilize built-in connectors to import data from Zoho Analytics and CRM.

Analyze and improve data quality

Profile data to regard data allocation, statistics, outliers, and quality. Clear duplicates in the data and enhance the quality by setting invalid and missing values.

Transform and enrich

Use an AI-powered transformation engine and smart recommendations to apply over 250 transforms. Utilize machine learning approaches to improve data with sensation analysis, language detection, keyword extraction, and more.

Reuse rulesets

Use rulesets to follow every transform applied to your data. Change, disable, or terminate any transforms at any time, and reuse rulesets to use the same transforms in other datasets.

Catalog your data

Control datasets by categories, custom tags, data quality, and readiness. Use Zia Search to perform system-wide metadata searches to improve discoverability.

Why pick Zoho DataPrep as your data preparation software?

  • Delegates businesses with self-service data preparation
  • High-quality data for any enterprise need
  • Increased data preparation determines the next step for you.
  • Carries unstructured data into the fold
  • Extensive scale with the cloud
  • Extensible data preparation platform with robust APIs

Multipurpose data preparation software

Zoho DataPrep can work wherever needed. Change, edit, and format data for analytics, machine learning, data transformation, and warehousing.

Advanced Analytics

  • High data quality allows data analysts to get more in-depth insights from BI and analytics tools. Zoho DataPrep drastically decreases the time and effort needed to prepare your data.

Data Warehousing

  • Execute automated data pipelines from different sources to Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure SQL, and other famous cloud data warehouses.

Machine Learning

  • The significance of a machine learning model relies mainly on the quality of the data utilized to train it. Zoho DataPrep allows data scientists to do data cleaning at scale without any coding.

Business processes/Migration

  • Transform data between enterprise apps using DataPrep. Edit and enhance your data in enterprise applications such as CRM, help desk, and survey tools to weed out copies and validate records.